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Individual Therapy

When you come into individual therapy you are choosing the safest and deepest way of understanding yourself and the concerns you face. This is your hour to delve into how you think, feel, and relate, all of which effect your personal well-being and other aspects of your life. You have ample time to process your feelings and feel heard and seen. This allows me to understand you and offer reflection, support, and insight to facilitate your growth.

In most cases we meet once a week for a 50-minute session. Longer or more frequent sessions are available when appropriate. For those not living in the Bay Area, I do phone sessions, depending upon your need. I also do individual intensives which are 2-4 hour sessions, especially if you have to travel a distance to come to my office. I do not do therapy via the internet.


Couples Counseling

Two individuals coming together into relationship can be the most fulfilling and the most challenging encounter humans experience. Meeting and connecting with our beloved evokes profound feelings of love and fulfillment as well as conflict, confusion, and hurt. In couples work you learn to effectively speak about your reactions to your partner, hear your partner's experience of you and decide what you wish to change and what you are willing to accept, about your partner and yourself. In short, we work on how you can be yourself while being sensitive to your partner, grow and have a great relationship.

I will help you understand your relationship patterns that both create more intimacy and diminish intimacy. I teach you ways to heal past wounds, be more honest, prevent and resolve future conflict and create a genuine, deep, and fulfilling relationship.


Group Psychotherapy for Women and Men

I run a variety of groups focused on different issues. I regularly lead support and process groups for women and men. In mixed groups about seven women and men come together. As a group we focus on getting to know each other more authentically and deeply. We look at differences in gender, age, lifestyles, ethnicity, sexuality and spirituality. Through hearing and sharing one's own individual journeys a deep, meaningful connection and healing takes place.

A Group for Men

Dr. Alzak Amlani brings together six to eight men to talk and get to know each other more openly. Group members listen and share to create a safe space to talk about finding meaning, purpose, and place in one's life and community. Issues regarding relationships, work, and life transitions are addressed along with feelings of depression, anger, desire, and fulfillment.

Who are We as Men?

The messages, and contradictory demands we have received from our families and society about being men, have left us confused and frustrated about men and masculinity. We are asked to be goal-oriented, "strong, silent, and self-reliant" in one situation and sensitive, gentle, and nurturing in another.

Many men have grown up as children of families without much deep contact with an adult man. Without ample mirroring we can't know ourselves fully. We feel disconnected to ourselves and with other men.

Men in Silicon Valley

Are you a .com man or feel you should be? Men living or working in Silicon Valley have an added pressure to produce, perform, and succeed at almost any cost. Some men who have prospered are still struggling with making deeper connections with other men. Come and talk about what's really going on for you inside and find ways of being, working, and relating that meet your needs.

The Group Will Help You:

  •   Provide tools to get to know yourself more so you can have meaningful relationships with other men.

  •   Break out of the Silicon Valley "chained to the desk and computer" syndrome. This will decrease your stress and bring more balance into your life.

  •   Understand, evaluate, and change patterns and roles that you learned in your family which no longer serve you or others.

  •   Take your experiences and growth into other aspects of your life-relationships, work, play, and community.

  •   Talk about uncomfortable issues of sexuality, intimacy, and racial diversity.

Support Groups for Women and Men

About seven women and men of various ages and backgrounds meet weekly to discuss areas of challenge and importance. I create a safe space where you feel supported and seen for who you are and what you are facing in your life. We talk about relationships, work, play, family, sex, health, and how we experience each other. It is usually engaging, meaningful, and therapeutic. Sometimes it's easy and fun at other times it's difficult and emotionally challenging.

We usually meet one evening a week for an hour and a half at my office in Palo Alto. Please call for more information and schedule of the group.


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